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Waterfalls are one of nature’s most beautiful creations. They can be found all over the world, and each one is unique. Waterfalls provide a place for people to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the world around them. They are also a source of inspiration for many people, and have been the subject of many quotes over the years. Waterfall quotes are a great way to appreciate the beauty and power of waterfalls. These quotes can also help you to understand the spiritual significance of waterfalls. Waterfalls can be a place of peace and tranquility or a place of great power and danger.

The popular saying “life is a waterfall” is a perfect metaphor for the journey of life. As we go through life, we are constantly moving forward and never looking back. Just like a waterfall, life is constantly in motion with new challenges and experiences waiting for us around every corner. Along the way, we will experience both good and bad times, but it’s important to keep moving forward and never give up.


Best Waterfall Captions


  • There’s no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music.
  • Water is the perfect traveler because when it travels, it becomes the path itself!
  • A waterfall cannot be silent, just as the wisdom. When they speak, the voice of power speaks.
  • When the moonlight and the waterfall come together, all other things fade from the scene!
  • There is a waterfall in every dream. Cool and crystal clear, it falls gently on the sleeper, cleansing the mind and soothing the soul.
  • A river cuts through a rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence.
  • Do not feel sad for your tears, as rocks never regret the waterfalls.
  • The point is that or a waterfall or something, for a split second, it’s so great because for a little bit, I’m out of my brain, and it’s got nothing to do with me.
  • Emerald slopes became so tall they touched the clouds, and showers painted diamond waterfalls that sluiced down cliff sides.
  • It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things.
  • I can see my rainbow calling me through the misty breeze of my waterfall.
  • I shift an infinitesimal movement towards him. It is like the leap from a waterfall. I do not know, until then, what I am going to do.
  • Grace was finding a waterfall when you were only looking for a stream.
  • While people are struggling unhappily in the cities against the cruel authorities, a waterfall happily and cheerfully flows in nature; there is happiness only if there is freedom!


  • All anyone can hope is just a tiny bit of love, like a drop in a cup if you can get it, or a waterfall, a flood, if you can get that too.
  • Once we have tasted far streams, touched the gold, found some limit beyond the waterfall, a season changes, and we come back changed but safe, quiet, grateful.
  • Another way to look at meditation is to view thinking as a waterfall, a cascading of thought. In cultivating mindfulness, we go beyond or behind our thinking, much the way you might find a vantage point in a cave or depression in the rock behind a waterfall. We still see and hear the water, but we are out of the torrent.
  • God is discovered entirely through creation – the brilliance of a sunset, the powerful roar of a waterfall, the symphony of sounds you hear in the heart of the forest, or the vastness of space and its countless stars. God is the mastermind behind all matter – every earth-shattering scientific discovery and mystery that is yet to be unraveled was dreamed and enacted by God.
  • As long as I live, I’ll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I’ll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and avalanche. I’ll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens and get as near the heart of the world as I can.’ ‘Good luck and Good work for the happy mountain raindrops, each one of them a high waterfall in itself, descending from the cliffs and hollows of the clouds to the cliffs and hollows of the rocks, out of the sky-thunder into the thunder of the falling rivers.


  • The higher the trail, the steeper, it grows ten thousand tiers of dangerous cliffs, the stone bridge is slippery with green moss cloud after cloud keeps flying by waterfalls hang like ribbons of silk the moon shines down on the bright pool I climb the highest peak once more to wait where the lone crane flies.
  • A cheery relaxation is man’s natural state, just as nature itself is relaxed. A waterfall is concerned only with being itself, not with doing something it considers waterfall-like.
  • Life is naked. A nude body is the truest and noblest symbol of life. If I draw a mountain as a heap of human forms and paint a waterfall in the shape of tumbling human bodies, it is because I see in the mountain a heap of living things, and in the waterfall a precipitate current of life.
  • You know you are in Africa at Victoria Falls because there is nothing anyplace to keep you from stepping off into the cataract, not a handrail, not an inch of barbed wire. The falls represent death for the taking.
  • Just as a waterfall grows slower and more lightly suspended as it plunges, so the great man of action tends to act with greater calmness than his tempestuous desires before the deed would lead one to expect.
  • As the music played over the speakers and the waterfall in the pool filled the silence around us, I knew that without a doubt, I had just been ruined.


  • To trace the history of a river or a raindrop is also to trace the soul’s history, the history of the mind descending and arising in the body. In both, we constantly seek and stumble upon divinity, which like feeding the lake, and the spring becoming a waterfall, feeds, spills, falls, and feeds itself all over again.
  • When I was walking in the mountains with the Japanese man and began to hear the water, he said, ‘What is the sound of the waterfall?’ ‘Silence,’ he finally told me.
  • ‘Have you ever stood where a stream spills into a river? The two become one. They laugh over the stones together, twist through the sharp canyons together, plunge the waterfalls together. It is the same when a man and woman love one another. It is not always a pleasant thing, but when it happens, a man has little to say about it. Like streams, women can be smooth one minute and make a man feel like he’s swimming through white water the next.
  • We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. Through the unknown, remembered gate When the last of earth left to discover Is that which was the beginning; At the source of the longest river, The voice of the hidden waterfall and the children in the apple-tree Not known, because not looked for But heard, half-heard, in the stillness Between two waves of the sea.


  • She was beautiful in combat. I know that’s a crazy thing to say, especially after we’d just climbed a sewage waterfall, but her grey eyes sparkled when she was fighting for her life. Her face shone like a goddess’s, and believe me; I’ve seen goddesses. The way her Camp Half-Blood beads rested against her throat—Okay, sorry. Got a little distracted.
  • Twisting through the thorn-thick underbrush, scratched and exhausted, one turns suddenly to find an unexpected waterfall, not half a mile from the nearest road, a spot so hard to reach that no one comes to a hiding place, a shrine for dragonflies and nesting jays, a sign that there is still one piece of property that won’t be owned.
  • Nobody is living who couldn’t stand all afternoon in front of a waterfall. Anyone who can sit on a stone in a field awhile can see my painting. Nature is like parting a curtain; you go into it as you would cross an empty beach to look at the ocean.
  • The most stupendous scenery ceases to be sublime when it becomes distinct, or in other words, limited, and the imagination is no longer encouraged to exaggerate it. The actual height and breadth of a mountain or a waterfall are always minimal; they are imagined only that content us.
  • Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world’s great flood and ran over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. Waters haunt me.


  • Be soft in your practice. Think of the method as a fine silvery stream, not a raging waterfall. Follow the stream, have faith in its course. It will go on its own way, meandering here, trickling there. It will find the grooves, the cracks, the crevices. Just follow it. Never let it out of your sight. It will take you.
  • I feel like water that transforms from a flowing river to a tranquil lake to a powerful waterfall to a freshwater spring to a meandering creek to a salty sea to raindrops gentle on your face to hard, stinging hail to frost on a mountaintop, and back to a river again.
  • We say that life is sweet, its satisfactions deep. All this we say, as we sleepwalk our time through years of days and nights. We let time cascade over us like a waterfall, believing it to be never-ending. Yet each day that touches us, and every man in the world is unique, irredeemable; over. And just another Monday.
  • The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely, or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature, and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be
  • Then something Tookish woke up inside him, and he wished to see the great mountains, hear the pine-trees and the waterfalls, explore the caves, and wear a sword instead of a walking-stick.
  • When you’re young, there’s so much that you can’t take in. It’s pouring over you like a waterfall. When you’re older, it’s less intense, but you’re able to reach out and drink it. I love being older.


  • The ordinary-sized stuff is our lives, the things people write poetry about – clouds, waterfalls, daffodils, what happens in a cup of coffee when the cream goes in – These things are full of mystery, as mysterious to us as the heavens were to the Greeks.
  • I love you like a river that understands that it must learn to flow differently over waterfalls and rest in the shallows. I love you because we are all born in the same place, at the same source, which keeps us provided with a constant water supply. And so, when we feel weak, all we have to do is wait for a little. The spring returns, and the winter snows melt and fill us with new energy.
  • My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.
  • There’s music in the water. Brooks babbling, fountains splashing. Weirs, waterfalls, tumbling, gushing.
  • My desert soul erupts with turquoise water, floods and cascades and waterfalls rushing in around my rocky parts, pushing and reshaping and filling every hidden dark spot.
  • Whether I’m right or wrong, and down the waterfall where ever it may take me, I know that life won’t break me when I come to call; she won’t forsake me; I’m loving angels instead.
  • Leisure is a form of silence, not noiselessness. The silence of contemplation occurs when we let our minds rest on a rosebud, a child at play, a Divine mystery, or a waterfall.
  • ‘The vast waterfall of history pours down, and a few obituarists fill teacups with the stories.


  • By the time we arrived, as evening was approaching, I felt as sore as a rock must feel when the waterfall has pounded on it all day long.
  • It was a world of acts, and words had no more influence on acts than the sound of a waterfall has on the stream’s flow.
  • You cannot hear the waterfall if you stand next to it. I paint my jungles in the desert.
  • Sometimes, it’s hard to tell how fast the current’s moving until you’re headed over a waterfall.
  • Nature never goes out of style.
  • Life is like a waterfall – always moving.
  • The waterfall is nature’s laughter.’
  • When water-falls, it flies.
  • Do not seek water; get thirst.
  • A river that forgets its source will surely dry up.
  • I’ll be your bridge over troubled waters.
  • Water is where I regain my sanity.
  • Keep moving, and you’ll eventually get over it.
  • It’s all downhill from here.
  • For an instant, silence, noisier than a waterfall.
  • No one ever steps into the same river twice.
  • We start in different places, but in the end, we all meet at the waterfall.
  • Your love is like a waterfall, running wild and free.
  • Adopt the pace of nature.
  • There’s hope at the bottom of the biggest waterfall.
  • Water is the driving force of all nature.
  • The waterfall winks at every passerby.
  • Waterfalls are nature’s waterslides.
  • I firmly believe that nature brings solace to all troubles.
  • Run wild and free like a waterfall.
  • Water-falling in love with this place.
  • The water you doing today?
  • Not complaining about this view.
  • Just go with the flow.
  • Go wherever you feel most alive.
  • Happiness comes in rushes.
  • A beautiful distraction.
  • Just gushing with joy.
  • Great things are over every fall and around every bend.
  • Like a river, life doesn’t flow backward.


  • Not every paradise is tropical.
  • My desert soul erupts with turquoise water, floods and cascades and waterfalls rushing in around my rocky parts, pushing and reshaping and filling every hidden dark spot.
  • Waterfalls wouldn’t sound so melodious if there were no rocks in their way.
  • Just let go – and fall like a little waterfall.
  • The Warrior knows about the waterfall effect.
  • A strong man and a waterfall always channel their own path.
  • Look with open eyes, and you will see the beauty of the waterfall.
  • You don’t always get the waterfall shortcut in Mario Kart. That’s life.
  • I am like a waterfall, wild and free.
  • I firmly believe that nature brings solace to all troubles.
  • Life doesn’t flow backward.
  • All anyone can hope for is just a tiny bit of love, like a drop in a cup if you can get it, or a waterfall, a flood, if you can get that too.
  • Many a calm river begins as a turbulent waterfall, yet none hurtles and foams all the way to the sea.
  • I’m not going to water this down for you.
  • Romance often begins with a splashing waterfall and ends over a leaky sink.
  • Canoe+ waterfall = I don’t go camping anymore.
  • In America, one sure sign of success is the presence of an unnecessary waterfall in a person’s yard.
  • Your love is like a waterfall, running wild and free.
  • Do not feel sad for your tears as rocks never regret the waterfalls.
  • The fall of your hair is rushing through my head like elegant waterfalls repeatedly dancing down into an open riverbed.
  • When you are outpouring your emotion, it is like me trying to climb up a waterfall to get to you.


  • Do not turn me into restless waters if you cannot promise to be my stream.
  • Beauty soaks reality as water fills a rag.
  • Too much of water hast thou, poor Ophelia, And therefore I forbid my tears.
  • Without the wetness of your love, the fragrance of your water, or the trickling sounds of your voice ― I shall always feel thirsty.
  • Water has its moods, flowing or still; it can lure you like a lover or look as bleak as a broken heart.
  • I am not here for calm waters anymore. I want to be known for my love for hurricanes.
  • Like a house with a home and a river that flows, so does love become when you open your heart, even when the lights go out, or the flow encounters rocks.
  • I water my plants until they drown & this is the only way I know how to love.
  • Love like water, searching for the sea, Love like Time, searching for meaning, Love like all that was, and ever will be.
  • You know that soft is stronger than hard, Water stronger than rocks, love stronger than force.
  • Take a fish out of the water. It dies. Take the love out of my heart, and I become an atheist.
  • Romance often begins with a splashing waterfall and ends over a leaky sink.
  • I think love is the greatest force in the universe. It’s shapeless like water. It only takes the shape of things it becomes.
  • I used to believe that love was finding someone who would lead you through the deep water.
  • There was only water: the ocean, the cold, and her.
  • Water is the perfect traveler because when it travels, it becomes the path itself!


  • I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are.
  • Water is the driving force in nature.
  • A waterfall cannot be silent, just as wisdom. When they speak, the voice of power speaks.
  • When the moonlight and the waterfall come together, all other things fade from the scene!
  • Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container.
  • Water was something he loved, something he respected. He understood its beauty and its dangers. He talked about swimming as if it were a way of life.
  • When a stone is dropped into a pond, the water continues quivering even after the stone has sunk to the bottom.
  • Water belongs to us all. Nature did not make the sun one person’s property, nor air, nor water, cool and clear.
  • The spirit is colorless like water.
  • Some people get killed by water. Some die from dehydration.
  • Without water, life would be a rock.
  • Mother Nature is the greatest artist, and water is one of her favorite brushes.

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